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Meet Your Guide

David Bakeine

Guide and Operations Manager

In February 2016, David Bakeine aspired, in hotly contested Parliamentary race in his home district of Rubanda and he lost to the then incumbent. He had hoped that his victory to join the Ugandan Parliament would earn him the opportunity to serve as a Tourism Minister in the Government of the Republic of Uganda. His dream, driven by the passion to steer tourism development still lives on.

David Bakeine holds a degree in Tourism, he was trained by Disney Animal Kingdom in conservation education. He is highly knowledgeable about wildlife and conservation and is the author of The Rhino Stampede, a book about Uganda’s re-introduced rhino species. David has been in the tourism industry for more than seventeen years and has deep expertise and connections in the field.

David is also the founder of Grace Children’s Village, a successful school and community project in South Western Uganda. Most  trips go through the gorilla highlands and the home to Grace Children’s Village. Spending a few hoursin the village to meet the children and learn about his amazing work is always a highlight. See by yourself how your visit through Ecotravel Uganda Ltd directly transforms lives.

David offers free consultancy to many organisations about sustainable community development initiatives and was instrumental (as Founding Education Officer) in establishing Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. He oversaw the importation of the first 6 Rhinos from Kenya and Florida, USA to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Rhino population has currently risen to over 20 in the entire country in the country.    


Ecotravel Uganda is the leading gorilla and wildlife safari company in Uganda and Rwanda. We have been at the forefront of wildlife conservation and sustainable community development since 2007.


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